Marisa Rawlins Music

Vocalist • Vocal Coach • Choral Director



I’m a singer and have been performing for many years. I’ve taken voice lessons sporadically but never been able to be consistent. I started taking lessons with Marisa Rawlins several months ago and I knew I wanted to keep working with her from my first lesson. It really has changed the way I sing, my range has grown and I feel more confident when I sing. She is great at explaining every single thing that we do during class and thanks to that I don’t strain my voice like I used to.
— Ceci Bastida, professional recording artist

Marisa is a fantastic vocal coach who helped me strengthen my voice within my own style and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to improve their singing — from beginners to professionals.
— Simone White, professional recording artist

Marisa is an incredibly talented and motivated musician who is very knowledgeable in all aspects of choral music. She was an extremely valuable member of the choral music program where she sang in the Concert Choir, Chamber Singers and our Vocal Jazz group ‘Singcopation’. Marisa has always loved to express herself through her music. She is always emotionally involved with both the text and the music whether it be a classical choral piece or a jazz standard. Her creativity is shown in her musical interpretations and she is always looking to expand her knowledge. She is a very special young lady with a wonderful combination of talent and determination.
— Professor Bruce Rogers, Director of Choral Activities, Mt. San Antonio College

I came to Marisa to prepare a solo cabaret show for which I needed my voice to be in tip top shape. Marisa was just the person for me. She was clear in the way she explained technique, and always encouraging and supportive in her direction. She made me feel comfortable and at ease, yet she challenged me as a teacher should, to go the extra mile. I grew under her tutelage and had a phenomenal show as a result. I had a wonderful experience with Marisa and recommend her highly!
— Mariah Bonner, Actor/Singer

I have been singing and performing for ten years. For seven years, I have had the privilege to study with Marisa. I have not only grown as a performer, I have grown as an individual. Marisa has helped me gain confidence as a singer, performer, and as a person. Marisa is the best vocal coach that I’ve trained with, due to the fact that Marisa understands each of her students and their insecurities, and is able to communicate in a relaxing manner to bring out the best in each of her students. Marisa is extremely intelligent in the way she goes about vocal coaching. She is able to understand what the student is struggling with, and with her methods she is able to bring out the best in each student. Marisa is warm hearted, talented, and I’m proud to call her not only a teacher, but a friend.
— Sakile Odimo, Singer/Songwriter, Flora Cove

Marisa Rawlins is not just a vocal teacher and voice coach, but also a friend that cares for your goals and dreams. She teaches technique and performance skills, helping a performer increase the confidence and ability in their crafts. She encourages her students and is so animated. I just love her.
— Anjeza, Vocalist/Performer

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having Marisa lend her terrific vocal talents to two of my records: ‘Swingin’ At The Blue Moon Bar & Grille’ and ‘Inside/Out’. There are a lot of singers who can sing in tune but their voices don’t really add anything special to the record. There are others who have great personality in their voices but their pitch has to be ‘fixed’ later on. And there are singers who can sing but can’t swing. Marisa does EVERYTHING well. She’s got great ‘ears’, she’s the epitome of a team player and she swings hard. That’s no mean feat. If I get the chance to work with her in the future, I’ll again be the one who gets the best of the deal.
— Steve March Torme, Professional Recording Artist / Songwriter

Marisa is an amazing voice teacher! She takes classical technique and has helped me to apply it to genres like Musical Theatre, Jazz and R&B. My teacher before Marisa didn’t teach proper technique and almost ruined my voice in the process but Marisa definitely saved it. If it weren’t for Marisa, my voice wouldn’t be as good as it is today. I have been taking lessons from her for six years and have no plans of stopping any time soon!
— Katelyn Fike, Mike Curb College of Arts

Marisa taught me everything from classical arias, show tunes, jazz standards, breathing techniques to performing advice. She also was the prominent figure in preparing me for my Los Angeles County High School for the Arts vocal audition and, with her help, I succeeded! As of now, I’m a party of the vocal jazz ensemble as well as the LACHSA jazz combo, concert choir and I’m taking jazz theory and jazz improvisation. This is my second year at LACHSA and already, the vocal jazz group has won 2nd place at the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival (2010) and 1st place this year. The main prize with all of this isn’t the trophy, but to experience music first hand in one of the best jazz festivals in the country, and it all started in the private classroom with Marisa Rawlins. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Brianna Rancour, Recording Artist

In only a few months with Marisa, my daughter’s vocal control, timing, range and self-discipline improved dramatically! In a year, the difference was solid. As a fellow teacher, I was impressed with Marisa’s pedagogy and rapport. Her lessons are direct and productive. She diagnoses problem areas and focuses on specific improvements. All the student needs to do is work on those areas between lessons with integrity and the development will be surprising. She prepares these students for the real challenges of vocal performance!
— Josh Almos & Maeve Almos, Colburn School of Music Student